4 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

4 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

Sometimes in life, it is not other people or outside influences that make you sad or unhappy but it is you that does things to make you unhappy. Habits develop over a long period of time. When you find some action of yours bring you happiness or makes you feel better, you start doing it over and over again that it becomes a habit. Habits that you develop as a kid stay on with you even as an adult and it can be pretty hard to kick. Habits can be good or bad depending on the outcomes, but there are definitely habits that make people happy and unhappy. You need to have habits that keep you happy but before that it is important to find out what habits are making you unhappy. Here are some habits that are making you unhappy.

1. Over indulgence

You might be over indulging in a lot of things and that can make you pretty unhappy. It can be your over indulgent to people that drains you or you can indulge yourself in food that can be pretty unhealthy and also make you unhappy. Eating a lot when you are sad can become a habit pretty soon. It may give you a short lived relief but it is just going to add up with other things that make you unhappy.

2. Stressing the small things in life

It helps to have a positive attitude and keep things in perspective. But not many can have a clear and balanced head when things do not go their way. They stress the small stuff in life and that can make on very unhappy in life. Do not make a habit of retreating into your shell or pulling out your hair when you are stressed out. Learn to minimize stress and make a habit of letting stress go instead of it ruining your life.

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