6 Secrets to Keep From Your Best Friend

6 Secrets to Keep From Your Best Friend

It is often said that there are no secrets between best friends. It is not true in real life though. The best way to go about keeping a secret is to not talk about it. You do not have to lie. Do not talk too much about that particular subject. Lies are easy to catch and your best friend might become suspicious which might potentially ruin the friendship. So, here are 6 secrets that you may keep from your best friend.

1. Family Matters

It’s better to be frank with your best friend. But it would be better if you keep your family secrets – especially the uncomfortable ones – even from your best friend. You will never be able to imagine how such things are going to boomerang on you.

2. Your Crush

Do not reveal your crush to your best friend too early. The thing with crushes is that it might fade as quickly as it emerges. Allow some time to test the stability of the feelings. Do not reveal such a secret to your best friend, until it has achieved some permanency.

3. Secrets Others Have Told You

When somebody else tells you a secret, he/she is trusting you. You may have an often irrepressible urge to share that secret with your best friend. But remember, you are betraying the trust reposed on you by another person.

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