7 Fun Songs for Singles to Listen to

7 Fun Songs for Singles to Listen to

Are you single and happy? Do you want to compile a list of songs, which, as a proud single woman, you must listen to? Well, we are here to help! Below are some fun and cool songs for singles to listen to.

1. Single by Natasha Bedingfield

In this song, Natasha boldly sings that she is not waiting around hoping that a man would come and save her. The tune, the lyrics and the feel of the song is all certainly to die for, especially for all the singles out there.

2. Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

When you listen to this song, you will know why we say – this is a singles song! Kelly may start this song by feeling bad for the relationship that she has just come out of, however, the chorus defies it all. She is happy and able to breathe after the relationship ended, she sings!

3. Single Ladies by Beyonce

This song is hip-hop and will make you nod along. The lead is happily dancing around in the video of this song, which implies that, a woman will not wait around forever just because the man she loves doesn’t have the guts to make her his.

4. What’s Love Got to Do With It by Tina Turner

Sex is all about lust, and love clearly does not come in to the picture. In this song, Tina happily admits that having sex and being in love are totally different and independent things.

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