Laser Resurfacing – Know All About It

Laser Resurfacing - Know All About It

Do you have wrinkled skin? Are you fed up of your scars and facial lines? You don’t need to worry as the answer comes in the form of laser resurfacing. Moreover, laser resurfacing also treats uneven pigmentation, blotchy spots, smokers’ lines, crows’ feet and eyelid skin. Though it is seen that the wrinkles near the eyes and lips respond best to laser. Tattoos, warts, age spots, moles and even hair can be easily removed with laser. Laser can be used for your face as well as other body parts. But there is one problem with this procedure; it’s very difficult to remove very deep scars with a laser. Also, jowls and skin folds cannot be removed at all with it.

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, laser resurfacing is a bloodless process and doctors can control the resurfacing more accurately with it. You are also less likely to develop any infection.

But before telling you more about laser resurfacing, let us make you familiar about what a laser is. The scientific name of LASER is ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. A laser is focused high energy light. Unlike ordinary light, laser emits photons in a single direction and consists of a single wavelength. Thus laser has very high energy and can be focused on any object or in any direction. In laser skin resurfacing, the laser burns away the unwanted skin tissues bloodlessly and gives a new shape with precise control.

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