5 Fruits That Make Your Skin Glow

Remember the doctor telling you “Eats lots of fruits”? Take it seriously! Apart from being great to eat, fruits are the best way to get that glowing skin. And these fruits will naturally give you other positive effects for the rest of your body.


Love eating Apricots? Your skin will love it too. If you have dry skin, apricots will be a blessing to you. Super rich in Vitamin A, this fruit will rejuvenate your skin instantly, plus, it’ll iron out any sign of wrinkles! Did you know that the natural oils present in apricots enable your skin to produce more sebum? Don’t be confused. This basically means that it adds a layer of protection to your skin. If you find eating apricots boring, then let us suggest a fun recipe to you. Not to eat lady, to apply on your face! Take two or three apricots and blend 2 cups of yogurt to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face and wash it off after 10 minutes. To add a zing of freshness to this mixture, add a tablespoon of honey. We guarantee you’ll be addicted to this lovely face pack.



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You must have heard the word ‘exfoliation’ a whole lot in beauty magazines and ads. What’s the big deal about it? Nothing much! Make sure you get your intake of papayas and you won’t have to worry about things like exfoliation! Let us explain- the enzymes present in papayas help open up the pores of your skin when you rub the pulp of the fruit softly. Are you being harassed by freckles and brown spots? No amount of cream is going to help you. But eating papaya is the key! Your oily skin hassles will be solved in a jiffy with this papaya solution. We’ve also heard of a lot of remedies that use papaya seeds, but we are not suggesting it to you, because frankly, we think it sounds a little yucky!



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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yes– but in this case, an apple a day will keep the dermatologist away! To be a little technical about how apples will help- the tannin and pectin substance help to improve the circulation of blood in the system. You must have thought ‘what’s the connection between your bowels and your skin?’ Well, the fibre in apples keeps the bowels clean, leaving your skin free from acne and boils. In addition to eating or drinking apples as apple shake, here’s one more mixture that you can apply on your face. Mix a shredded apple with honey and apply this mixture on your face for five minutes. The vitamin C in this mixture will to prevent the formation of melanin in your skin.

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