Know How Colors Affect Mood

Know How Colors Affect Mood

We associate our mood swings to a lot of things, ranging from a good/bad night’s sleep to an argument we had with someone. When the team we are supporting wins the match, we are jubilant whereas when we lose a game of cards, we get furious. But who would imagine that colors have an effect on our mood as well? But that is actually true. It has been found that colors with shorter frequency viz. red, yellow and orange excite us (probably due to the release of adrenaline into our bloodstream) whereas colors with longer frequency viz. blue, purple and green have a soothing effect on our mind. This relationship between color and mood is not a recent discovery. From time immemorial, Indian brides were dressed in red as it signifies love and passion. On the other hand, Buddhist monks meditated in rooms with blue walls and vertical red stripes as blue was considered to have a calming effect and red was thought to stir the consciousness. Let us now discuss the effect of each color on our mood in detail.

1. Blue

It is soothing and relaxing. It increases productivity but too much of it can have a depressing effect on the mind.

2. Black

It signifies power and authority. Thus, it makes you feel superior. It is generally preferred by introverts as it is a protecting color.

3. Gray

Gray suits are a common sight since the color signifies self-confidence and control. But as it is neither black nor white, it also stands for indecision.

4. Green

It is easy on the eye and the color is interpreted as being peaceful, serene and positive. It is relaxing and said to improve vision.

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