5 Interesting Facts You must Know About Type 2 Diabetes

Interesting Facts You must Know About Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is manageable. Diabetes only becomes a problem when it is not treated. Untreated diabetes can lead to a lot of other complications including blindness and complications of the heart. There are two types of diabetes- type I and type II. Type 2 is the most common and the most predominant type of diabetes around the world and is caused by a lot of factors including genetics, food habits, weight, physiological changes and environmental factors. It is one disease that is fast spreading and even kids aren’t being spared these days. There is a lot to know about diabetes and here are some interesting facts to know about diabetes.

1. Mention of diabetes was made as early as 1500 b.c

Diabetes was mentioned in the early Egyptian papyrus. It was referred to as the frequent urination disease. Frequent urination is a symptom of diabetes. Also m a few centuries ago actually mellitus means smells like honey. The urine of diabetic patients smells sweet and physicians a few centuries ago actually tasted the urine to see if it tasted sweet. These people were called waste tasters.

2. India is the country with the highest population of people with type 2 diabetes and Nauru is the country with the highest density of people with diabetes

Although diabetes is on the rise the world over, it is these two countries which have the top spot. It might have to do a lot with the diet of the people in these countries.

3. Type 2 diabetes is very much manageable

Proper diet, good exercise and medication are more than enough to manage diabetes and many people have successfully brought their diabetes under control.

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