Top 6 Reasons to Have Kids

Top 6 Reasons to Have Kids

Some women want kids while others don’t. Some women have a natural urge for motherhood while others don’t. If you are confused whether you should have children or not, here are a few pointers that will help you decide.

1. To fulfill the urge of motherhood

Women are commonly known to have a natural urge to become a mother when they reach their late twenties or early thirties. This is a part of a natural biological transition of a woman’s body. A woman starts feeling the urge to have kids, nurture them, rear them, teach them and bring them up. One of the main reasons for women to have kids is to get the feeling of completeness by fulfilling this biological urge.

2. Medical and biological reasons

A woman’s body has been designed by nature for procreation. The biological system of a woman’s body too, follows suit and balances a woman’s hormones according to her life stage. Many women who don’t have kids until their late thirties may have multiple hormonal problems. This is nature’s way of telling a woman that she must have kids to bring back balance in her body.

3. To continue your family name

Even if continuing your family’s last name is not your sole aim, having a child can help you fulfill that aim along with giving you many other pleasures of life simultaneously. Having kids will increase the size of your family, because of which the probabilities of continuing your family name will increase too. This can be seen as one of the secondary advantages of kids.

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