5 Advantages of Friends With Benefits

5 Advantages of Friends With Benefits

We have all heard of friends with benefits. While some may balk at the idea, some may feel it is perfect for them. Those for it, opine that it is a relationship stripped of all its bad parts like heartbreak, while those against it feel that it is a shallow way to lead a life. Since it doesn’t look like the phenomenon is going anywhere, it may be worthwhile to see what the advantages of it are.

1. Less emotionally taxing

The whole point of a friends with benefits arrangement is keeping the emotions out. You do not get emotionally involved with one another and hence do away with the hassle of tying yourself down with somebody. This is perfect if you are in a place in your life where you can’t take on the commitment of a relationship but would still like to have some fun, strictly no strings attached!

2. The sex is good

Why is this so? Because you are doing it with a friend! This is a person you like spending time with, you have fun and share your ideas with. So the sex is automatically much better than that with a complete stranger.

3. Helps in nursing a heartbreak

Maybe you are just out of a relationship. You miss your ex and nothing in the world seems to be right. Generally people nursing a heartbreak tend to hop on to a new relationship without any thought, only because staying alone is so difficult. This sort of a rebound can bring a whole lot of problems, since you are not really ready for a relationship and end up ruining things in the long run. In such a scenario, a friends with benefits equation can be perfect. Both of you care about one another and yet have no expectations from each other. You can nurse your heart back to good health without devastating someone else’s life in the process.

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