5 Tips to Live Up to The Expectations of Your Boss

5 Tips to Live Up to The Expectations of Your Boss

Being an employee who is considered to be reliable and ever ready is certainly not easy. However, once you establish yourself as one, there is nothing that can stop you from advancing in your career. Read ahead to discover some subtle ways to impress your boss and live up to his/her expectations.

1. Work smart

Even though it is often said that hard work pays, it is an undeniable fact that smart work pays faster. So ensure that you do not sweat and tire yourself out on a job that can be done with ease and less effort. Reuse other deliverables and your own/your coworker’s past experiences to get a job done faster.

2. Adhere to deadlines

When your boss comes to you to assign a task, you can be sure that there will be an improbable deadline attached to it. It is very important to come out as a trustworthy and reliable employee. And to be one, you need to deliver on time. So before saying ‘yes’ to completing a job within a deadline, make sure it is achievable.

3. Innovate

You cannot simply function as a calculator, taking inputs and giving the desired output. You need to think out of the box and show innovation in your field of work. It can be as simple as saving time through reuse or inventing new technologies to speed up specific routine tasks.

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