5 Things You Learn From Your Ex-Boyfriend

5 Things We Learn From Our Ex-Boyfriend

You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never have it back. Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Often a relationship breaks when you least expect it and leaves you shattered. Times like these may be painful, but the great thing is they teach you so much. They make you wiser for tomorrow. Love or hate your ex-boyfriend, you can’t deny the fact that he has taught you so much. So even if he’s a fathead, you should be grateful towards him. These are 5 things that we girls learn from our ex-boyfriends.

1. ‘Forever’ Means Till The Relationship Lasts

‘Forever’ is a word that you must have heard over and over again in your relationship. Your boyfriend must have often used this word while expressing his love to you. Many-a-times, he must have told you that he will love you forever. You must be surprised that has changed today. You may think, he was lying. But actually he wasn’t. In a relationship, ‘forever’ generally means till the relationship lasts.

2. Your Boyfriend’s Friends Are Not Your Friends

During the course of your relationship, many of his friends must have gotten really close to you. They must have been treating you as if you are their friend. But now that your relationship has ended, hardly any of them will even bother to keep in touch with you. You might find them avoiding you as well. Even if it is his fault, they will stand by him. Even if deep down in their heart they know that you are a very nice person, they will support their friend and not you.

3. Getting Family Involved Is Subject To Risks

Not all families are the same. Dealing with an ex-boyfriend can be difficult. To top it, if you also have to deal with your ex-boyfriend’s family, it can be a real pain. One case is they may blame you and go about talking bad things about you. The other case is, they may get extremely emotional and beg you to come back to your ex-boyfriend. Another bad thing is dealing with your own family. You may have to give explanations about your broken relationship to each and every member. When two families are involved, a lot of emotions are at risk. You may also find their interference annoying. Unless you are sure about your guy, it’s best to not get any of your families involved. Keep this in mind for ever

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