4 Ways Retinoids Help Stop Wrinkles

4 Ways Retinoids Help Stop Wrinkles

When retinoids first came to market in the early 1970’s, it was not used as or thought of as a treatment for wrinkles. It was launched as an acne-fighting drug. Since then, however, they have also been found to and used to treat psoriasis, warts, and wrinkles. They also come handy in treating the blotchiness caused by sun exposure, and aged skin. There are prescription and nonprescription retinoids that are available in the market. The problem with non-prescription retinoid products sold over the counter is that they do not really contain details about the amount of retinoid and in the longer term may not prove to be as effective as the prescription products that contain retinoid. Here are some ways in which retinoids help stop wrinkles.

1. Retinoids help in slowing the breakdown of collagen

Collagen is what holds the skin together and gives it its elasticity. When there is a loss of collagen or it is being produced in lesser amounts as we age, our skins tend to sag and that is when we start to get wrinkles. Retinoids however, help in slowing down the breakdown of collagen in our body, thus helping us fight off wrinkles for some time.

2. They bolster skin’s thickness and elasticity

When they help collagen to be retained in our bodies, it automatically makes the skin thick and firm. They hinder the breakdown of collagen and thicken the deeper layer of skin where wrinkles actually begin to form. The elasticity is also retained giving the skin and the face a youthful look. A thick skin also is healthy skin. Although, using retinoid products makes your skin to peel off and cause it to appear red for the first few days, it actually thickens your skin after a while.

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