10 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Boyfriend?

Relationships are sensitive. It is very important to handle them with maturity. If you have decided to finally end the relationship with your boyfriend, it is important that you give yourself some time and think about it before taking such a big step. You cannot keep changing your mind all the time. You can not break up and then go back to your boyfriend again. Doing something like this won’t just be mean but selfish as well. Check out this article and find the reasons why should breakup with him. If you answer with a ‘yes’ for any of these, then you must surely break up with him.

1. He takes you for granted

All relationships go through a phase when guys intentionally or unintentionally tend to take their girlfriends for granted. However, if this has been happening since long and no matter what you tell him, he just doesn’t take you seriously, then it is certainly not acceptable. The best step you can take is to speak to him about it. However if no matter what you say, he doesn’t care, it means that maybe he really doesn’t care. Please save yourself the trouble, you deserve someone better!

2. He abuses you, physically or verbally

Abuse should not be accepted in any form. As a man, it is his duty to respect the women around him, especially his girlfriend. He might use abusive language at times when he is angry. At such times, you must make it very clear to him that you won’t accept such a behavior again. If he keeps doing it over and over again, it is time to take up the matter and break up. Physical abuse should never be tolerated even for once. Better late than never. End the relationship right away.

3. He keeps cheating on you

Infidelity is one of the greatest sins he could ever commit. Don’t ever take it easily. The first time he cheats on you, you can forgive him, if you must. However, don’t trust him completely again. But, if he cheats on you again, chances are that your boyfriend is a philanderer. You will never be able to be happy with a guy like this, no matter how much you love him. Loyalty is very important for a relationship to sustain.

4. He is insecure

If your boyfriend is too possessive, feels insecure about every little issue and no matter what you do, it is just never enough. You will never be able to live in peace with a guy like this in your life. As time passes, you will get more and more suffocated into your relationship. If you find no other way to save yourself from this pain, please break up.

5. He doesn’t have time for you

You may be into a long distance relationship, where you may not get the chance to meet up often. However, if he never seems to be able to make time for you and you don’t even see an effort from his end, maybe it is high time you reconsider your decision of being in a relationship with him.

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