How to Treat Sunburns?

How to Treat Sunburns?

Sunburns are most common during the summer season; however, those with a sensitive skin can also get sunburns during winters. Excessive exposure to the sun, such as in the case of sun baths, and otherwise, damages the skin cells and the capillaries, which are the thinnest blood vessels in our body. And this causes red sore patches on the skin, referred to as sunburns. They cause a burning sensation, and are extremely painful.

There are plenty of ointments available in the market to cure sunburns. However, experts suggest that this problem is best treated naturally, at home. The chemical composition of each ointment is different, and may not suit all skin types. It may also cause side effects to some people. Hence, it is best to go for natural remedies, which are safe, harmless and effective. Here are some things that you can try.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

This is one of the best things to apply on sunburns. Not only does it reduce the itching sensation, and soothes the affected area, but also aids in quick recovery. You can also use creams, which contain Aloe Vera; however, fresh gel taken from a raw sap is advisable.

2. Olive Oil

Application of olive oil on the affected area will ensure that the skin does not peel further, and that the area remains moisturized, instead of becoming dry.

3. Comfortable Clothing

For sunburns to get cured faster, it is highly important for you to wear loose clothes, so that the exposure to air is maximum. Do not wear fabrics such as nylon and velvet which will cause the sweat to get blocked, and will cause more irritation and itching. Prefer cotton and lycra.

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