5 Foods That Help To Lower Cholesterol

5 Foods That Help To Lower Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body are considered to be responsible for a majority of physical health related issues. High levels of cholesterol have been one of the most noticed problems in Americans. With unhealthy food habits and no time for exercise in the busy lives of people, cholesterol is set to become one of the main reasons for deaths in the recent past.

Understanding Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a fat produced in the liver or intestines. It is transported through the blood plasma of all mammals. This gives us a hint on the effects of high levels of cholesterol. Though cholesterol is considered important for the body, high levels of cholesterol leads to many heart related diseases. Reducing cholesterol is not rocket science and can be done in simple steps. With dedicated and smart food habits and regular exercise, cholesterol shouldn’t be an issue to anyone. An individual who has been medically treated for high levels of cholesterol can also maintain a healthy lifestyle with foods that lower cholesterol and an active life. To start off, one needs to cut down the intake of high fat processed foods. This is usually the hard part as it constitutes a major portion of the American diet. Whole grains, vegetables and greens can easily reduce high cholesterol. Here is a list of food items that should help in reducing cholesterol.

1. Oats and whole grains

Oats are preferred world over to reduce cholesterol. Being easily available and simple in use, oats are always recommended for a healthier diet. Whole grains include rye, buckwheat, etc.

2. Vegetables and leafy greens

Radish, onions, garlic, cucumber, mushrooms, leek, hot peppers, shallot, chive are some of the veggies that help reduce cholesterol. Leafy greens like spinach also contribute towards keeping cholesterol levels in check.

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