5 Things Girls Wear That Guys Hate

5 Things Girls Wear That Guys Hate

Have you always wanted to know the things to avoid when you are trying to impress a guy? We can help you do that. But you do need to keep in mind that every guy is different. Even though the list of things that we have discussed is common across the male race, some guys may actually not hate them. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the details, does it? Read ahead!

1. Ill-fitting lingerie

When you want to impress guys, you cannot afford to dress shabbily. You may be wearing a stunning figure-cutting dress, but if you do not wear an uptight and fit bra, your figure is ruined. And guys really hate that image. So, try and stay away from loose fitting lingerie, especially bras.

2. Heavy makeup

Makeup is certainly necessary for every woman. However, do not drown yourself in it. Keep it light and put it according to the occasion. Eyeliner, light eye shadows and lip gloss can always be a part of your daily makeup routine. Dark colored lipstick or black eye shadows may ruin your look. So, double check your face in the mirror before stepping out of your house.

3. Clothes that do not fit

Men like to look at women for a reason, so why hide it behind loose clothes? If you want men to take notice of you, you will need to accentuate your figure with a dress that fits your body perfectly. So, avoid the clothes that flow around your body, instead choose the one that wraps around you.

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