How to Prepare for Conception?

How to Prepare for Conception?

As a woman the best part is the fact that it’s only us who can make this world happen. We have the gift of life. Motherhood is the most euphoric feeling a woman can ever experience in her life. The feeling of a new life growing inside you is great. The feeling within is so strong that it helps us prepare mentally for the 9 month ordeal and the stress our body has to undergo. Here are a few tips that would help you to prepare for conception.

1. Get prepared physically

Before you get pregnant, it is very important that you prepare your body for the physical strain. Thus it is advisable that you start at least one to three months in advance. In this time, you should eat healthy and include more and more vitamins, iron and proteins in your diet. You should also start exercising daily. With regular exercises your muscle’s endurance capacity improves and you get better prepared for the excruciating pain of labor. It also makes it easier for you to conceive.

2. Take precautions

Before you take the decision of bringing a new life in this world, it’s important that you ensure his or her safety in advance. So make sure that you undergo all the tests for diabetes, thyroid, etc. Also consult with your doctor and discuss about the history of such disease in your family and the possibilities that your child does not get them. Also get advice on your immunization history. In case you are not immunized against some of the diseases like the whooping cough or the pneumococcal infections, then you should get yourself immunized. However it is usually seen that you have to wait for about a month after you get immunized before you start trying to get pregnant.

3. Have dietary supplements to boost good health

Daily consumption of 400 micrograms of folic acid and intake of essential vitamins are the best dietary supplements for a woman preparing to conceive. You can take these in the form of tablets only with prescription from a medical practitioner; else you can have food rich in vitamins and folic acid. Avocado is said to be the best natural source of folic acid available.

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