How to Select the Best Shoes for Kids?

How to Select the Best Shoes for Kids?

Selecting shoes for your kid could be time-consuming and stressful. Your kid’s feet size can change once in 2-3 months. So the pair of shoes that you get today may not fit your kid after 3 months. You can reduce stress and also save a lot of your time if you know how to select the right pair of shoes for your kid. Learn how to select the best shoes for kids with these tips.

1. Take your kid for shoe shopping

Research has revealed that a child’s feet swell during the course of the day. So the best time to take your child shoe shopping would be in the late afternoons or evenings. This would also be the right time when your child is in a cheerful mood after a good afternoon nap.

2. Make sure to get the right fit

It is very important to get your child shoes that have a comfortable fit. Feet provide balance and affect the posture of the entire body. So take care to get the right fitting shoes for your kid. Get your child’s feet measured by a sales person. An important point to check while trying on the shoes is the half-inch space between your child’s toe and the tip of the shoe’s toe. This space ensures that your child’s toes are not crunched. It is always better to get shoes which are one size bigger than the measured feet size. This ensures that your child’s feet have enough moving space, and also allows for unrestricted growth of their feet.

3. Choose the right type of shoes for your kid

The shoes that you select for your kid must be made of a material that is lightweight and spongy. Soft leather, canvas or soft cloth shoes are comfortable for kids. These materials allow your kid’s tender feet to breathe. The sole should not be smooth, as your child may slip. Also avoid shoes with heels. They are a great hindrance for the proper development of your child’s feet. When it comes to fasteners, it is best to select shoes with Velcro fasteners. Shoes with laces may cause toddlers to trip and fall. Remember to shortlist a few shoes, and let your kid choose the best pair.

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