How To Look Like Barbie?

How To Look Like Barbie?

Remember that tall, slim and beautiful lady who was your favorite toy when you were a little girl? Just like a million of other girls out there, was she your role model too? Did you too want to grow up to look just like her? Looking like her is no more a dream. Now that you are grown up, it’s time to make your childhood dream come true. Here’s your chance. We bring you ways how to look like your favorite Barbie.

Before we get started, let’s tell you about the cardinal rule to looking like this plastic beauty. You have to love, rather obsess, with the color PINK! Get this fact drilled into your mind. Once you are convinced, we can start.

1. Get that hourglass figure

Barbie is mostly known for her lovely flawless hourglass figure. So, if you want to look like her, the first step is to get into her shape. You can even use fake methods to make your body appear more flattering like wearing corsets that design your body perfectly well. But the most recommended way will be to actually work to get your body in shape. Eat right and work out daily.

2. Look after your skin

Your favorite Barbie is known to be flawless. She is blessed with beautiful and glowing skin. So you have to really take an effort to look after your skin. Watch for pimples and acne. Wear a sunscreen when you step out in the sun. Also see that you consume lots and lots of water everyday. As for your food is concerned, reduce junk. Instead replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist to make your skin look even better.

3. Grow your hair long and beautiful

Barbie’s hair is indubitably one of her best features. If you want hair like hers, you will have to grow it long. You will also have to take extra care of your hair so that it looks beautiful and thick. Next you have to go blond. You can pick shades from yellow blond to platinum blond. Now you can pick your favorite hairdo but make sure that it looks really chic. Barbie’s hair is never messy. It always looks like she has taken hours to get her hair done. If you want to look like her, your hair should look just like that. Most of the time, Barbie has straight hair, so straight is that most recommended style. You can blend up with accessories. But remember, pink!

4. Wear lots of makeup

If you want to look like Barbie, you will have to literally paste your face with lots of makeup. For your eyes, line them with a glittery pink eyeliner and use a shimmery pink eye shadow. You can elongate your lashes by wearing fake eyelashes or using an eyelash curler. Add a finishing touch with lots of babydoll mascara. Dab the apples of your cheeks with electric pink color blended with shades of cream or beige. Finally, stain your lips with a rosy pink lip gloss that is very shiny.

5. Use fake nails

Barbie is blessed with beautifully shaped long nails. However, having nails like her in real life is no child’s play unless you are a Princess with hundred slaves running around you. If you can still manage, then good for you. But if you can’t just like many other girls in the world, you can also use fake substitutes. Use feminine colored stickers for your nails to give your nails a unique design like stars, flowers or polka dots.

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