Top 5 Benefits Of A C-Section And Why You Will Not Fear It Anymore!

Top 5 Benefits Of A C-Section And Why You Will Not Fear It Anymore!

Have you been advised for a c-section by your doctor? Are you scared of going under the knife for delivering your baby? Don’t be. If your doctor has advised a cesarean section for you, then there are lots of benefits you will experience with a c-section over a natural delivery. Here’s why you need not be afraid anymore.

1. Relief from labor pain

This is positively the biggest benefit of a c-section, if advised by a doctor, isn’t it? Of course, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take post-operative measures, but you’ll surely be saved from the last few hours of intense and mind numbing labor bouts. Plus, a bigger benefit of a c-section is that you avoid getting vaginal stitches, have lesser chances of hemorrhoids and a shorter period of contractions.

2. Choice of your child’s birthday

Although this is a highly controversial benefit of a c-section, it is also most preferred by many women for whom c-sections have been agreed upon by their doctor. More than choosing your child’s birthday, this benefit of a c-section can help in planning childcare, familial support, arranging for household help, coordinating work schedules with your partner in advance.

3. Planned availability of all resources

We have heard horror stories of women scheduled for a vaginal delivery not being able to reach the hospital on time, haven’t we? With the host of benefits that a C-section has to offer, you and your family can be rest assured of having prior appointments of the surgeon, obstetrician, gynecologist and anesthetist. Don’t underestimate this benefit of C-section ladies. It can offer a great relaxed and a calm atmosphere during hours of last-minute delivery stress.

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