9 Home Remedies to Make Frizzy Hair Smooth

Home Remedies to Make Frizzy Hair Smooth

Frizzy hair can be a pain to manage, and all women around the world will completely agree with this. Some people have naturally smooth and silky hair, which looks well set all the time. However, there is a large chunk of women who spend at least 20 minutes of their daily mornings just settling their hair.

Of course, the environment in which one lives and how we take care of our hair also determines the extent to which the frizziness will go. If you don’t brush and comb your hair regularly, or use the wrong kind of shampoos and hair products, then your hair is bound to be frizzy and unmanageable all the time. Thankfully, our grandmothers left us some secret and effective home remedies that can easily sort out our hair issues. Here are some things you can try to make your frizzy hair smooth.

1. Apply a hair mask with almond oil and egg

Almond oil naturally nourishes the hair and gives it strength as well as volume. Egg has protein, which promotes the growth of healthy hair, and also gives it a good amount of shine and smoothness. When you mix both these things in equal proportions and make a mask out of it, apply it on your hair and scalp for about 40 minutes, and then shampoo as usual. Follow it up with a good conditioner. Do this at least once a week to see good results.

2. Opt for the avocado and banana mask

Avocado and banana mashed up together (you can also add yogurt to it) make for a good hair mask. Apply this once a week to see your frizzy hair turn smoother. Avocados have natural nourishing and hydrating quality, while bananas work as a natural conditioner. Together, they know how to tame your wild locks!

3. Try combining lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are good for binding hair well and cleansing them properly as well. Lemon is often used by people to get rid of dandruff, while honey has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They add shine and strength to the hair, and make it less frizzy.

4. Use apple cider vinegar

Mix a little amount of apple cider vinegar with water, and use it as a final rinse after you are done with shampooing. This natural anti-frizz solution is great for your hair, and one can use it at least twice a week to see good results.

5. Try the olive oil massage

There is nothing better than a nice olive oil massage. It nourishes your hair well and also gives it good amount of shine and luster. You will experience a reduction in frizziness quite effectively, when you religiously massage your hair with olive oil at least twice a week. Slightly lukewarm oil is also good for a relaxing massage.

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