How To Look Like A Glamorous Model In Pictures?

How To Look Like A Glamorous Model In Pictures

Don’t you envy those models who always manage to look like a million bucks in pictures? If you’re planning to take up modeling as a profession soon and are planning to prepare your portfolio, this article is written just for you. Why look anything less than perfect in your pictures, when you look like a doll in person? Here are some tips that tell you how you can look like a top model in pictures.

1. Maintain a good posture

A good posture makes your body look so much better. On the contrary, a bad posture makes you appear sluggish and fat! Do you want that? Of course not! So stand up straight, chin up and go cheese! You’ll never go wrong.

2. Use cosmetics

Use that brush as a magical wand to go woosh woosh woosh on your face. The right makeup will highlight your best features and make you look a hundred times prettier than you already are. If your features are dull, fake them. Use makeup to do the magic. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it or you’ll only end up looking like a wax statue.

3. Get a brilliant hairstyle

Messed up hair will look really unkempt and bad on pictures. As far as possible, take sometime off to style your hair well before you go for the ‘click’ moment. Real life models spend hours in grooming their hair before they step in front of the camera. If you want to look like them, even you will have to take that special effort.

4. Wear the right clothes

You may compromise on the clothes you wear when you are walking on the road. But when you are taking a picture, something shabby won’t go unnoticed in front of the camera. Wear well-fitted and good looking clothes. Choose outfits that will enhance your beauty. Use accessories and appropriate jewelery to add more style to your look.

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