10 Ways to Get a Sexy Flat Stomach

10 Ways to Get a Sexy Flat Stomach

What every woman hates is a flabby stomach. The fat deposits around stomach area are very hard to get rid of, but regular efforts in this direction can help you achieve that coveted sexy stomach that everyone craves for. Listed here are 10 ways to get a sexy stomach.

1. Improve your dietary fiber intake

Take around five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Make salads and wholesome soups your best friends. The more fiber you take, the lesser calories you consume. This helps in starting the fight against that stubborn belly fat. Dietary fiber improves your digestion too.

2. Drink a lot of water

Drinking lots of water gives you the feeling of being satiated and curbs your hunger pangs. Also water is very good for your skin and body. It keeps you hydrated and flushes out all the harmful toxins from your body.

3. Say goodbye to junk food

No more burgers, pizzas or cheese omelets! To achieve something like a sexy stomach, you need to sacrifice on such foods.

4. Take care of what you drink

Often women make the mistake of filling up with lots of fruit juices thinking them to be healthy. It’s always better to eat a whole fruit than drink its juice. The juice is devoid of most of the fruit fiber. Also when you drink, your intake of fruit is much less. So ultimately you are really piling on to your calories. So keep a check on what and how much you drink.

5. Stand straight

Wrong posture also gives the appearance of a flabby stomach. Learn to stand straight at all times and this serves as an exercise for your stomach. So stand like a model and pretty soon you’ll start looking like one too!

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