7 Health Benefits of Green Onions

Health Benefits of Green Onions

Green onions are known by several names that include spring onions and scallions. Green onions are a repository of all good things your body needs. It is a very versatile veggie since you can have them in salads or raw or even cooked. Try different combinations so that you do not just derive the health benefits of green onions but also find them sumptuous in every possible way. Before that, check out some health benefits of green onions.

1. Promote strong bones

12 gm green onion stalk contains 20 micrograms of vitamin K and 1.6 mg of vitamin C! Both vitamins are essential for the growth and maintenance of strong bones. In women especially, the onset of osteoporosis and likely bone fractures can be prevented with regular consumption of green onions.

2. Help to regulate blood sugar level

Green onions are a storehouse of allyl propyl and chromium. While allyl propyl reduces glucose levels in the blood, chromium regulates blood sugar and brings down insulin levels. Hence, the veggie is best for regulating blood sugar levels.

3. Promote a healthy heart

Green onion is a heart friendly food. Chromium in the presence of vitamin B6 and sulfur helps in keeping your heart healthy. Chromium does not just reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol in the body, thereby protecting your heart from potential ailments. Blood pressure is also effectively contained with regular consumption of green onions due to the presence of potassium. Since, both cholesterol and blood pressure are regulated, risks associated with heart attacks and strokes also go down considerably.

4. Help to prevent cancer

When you consume green onions regularly, you also bring down risks of certain kinds of cancer. This is because of the presence of flavonoids in the vegetable. Quercitin is a flavonoid in green onions that prevents development of cancerous cells in the colon, thereby reducing chances of colon cancer. Kaempferol in green onions presents a great advantage to women since this flavonoid lowers risks associated with ovarian cancer by at least 40 percent.

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