7 Interesting Facts You did not Know About Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular and highly paid American television personalities. She is also an actress, socialite, entrepreneur, model and fashion designer. In 2010, she became the highest paid reality TV personality, with her earnings touching $6 million. She came into prominence with the reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ Here are some facts about Kim Kardashian that you may have not known before.

1. Kim’s unique looks is attributed to her mixed lineage. She is a mix of Irish, Armenian, German, Scottish, American and Dutch.

2. Kim had once gotten into the wrong books of the animal rights organization for dressing herself in fur coats. She was also criticized for carrying a cat oddly while shooting a photograph. They had labeled her the worst dressed celebrity!

3. Can a tweet be such a costly affair? Kim charges $10,000 to write a tweet promoting an organization or a brand.

4. Kim is a daddy’s girl. Her late father is one of the most important men in her life. She regards herself as a spiritual person, and had once remarked that her late father contacts her through her dreams.

5. Whether Kim had gone under the knife is a much discussed topic. She was accused of having had plastic surgery done for her breasts, eyes, butt and cheeks. While she admitted that she had gone for Botox in the past, she did not take any other treatment. In fact, to prove this she shared a picture of her as a teenager wearing a bikini in her website to show that her figure has remained the same.

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