6 Ways to Beat Wedding Day Nerves

6 Ways to Beat Wedding Day Nerves

The wedding day is an important day in many people’s lives. Whether it is a grand wedding or a simple one, be it in an exotic location or in your parent’s backyard, a wedding can be a pretty special yet taxing affair. Mostly the months and the weeks leading up to the wedding passes in a blur with you engaged in a flurry of activities that you really do not have the time to stop and think about the wedding. You are so busy managing everything else that you have no time to let the actual thing sink in. Only when everything else is done with does it actually sink in that you are getting married and the nerves start to act up. Most people who have gotten married have admitted to having wedding day nerves, the feeling of uncertainty, a little bit of fear and a lot of doubt. Instead of being a bundle of nerves and ruining your special day for you and your fiance, you can do the following to calm your nerves.

1. Take deep breaths and meditate

Take deep breaths; remind yourself that you really want the other person and that you are in love. Meditate, be calm and be by yourself for a few minutes or a couple of hours if possible on the big day. You should be fine after this. Remember that the photos you take on this day would be for forever, so try and be your best.

2. Have a drink

If a drink can steady your nerves, then it is something you should take. Just make sure you do not get drunk as it is really not a nice thing to get married drunk. The wedding might even get cancelled if you were to stand at the aisle completely drunk.

3. Surround yourself with people

If being alone and meditating is not your thing and being alone makes you even more scared, you should surround yourself with family and friends. It is better to surround yourself with married people, especially happy married people so you are reassured and your wedding day nerves are calmed.

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