7 Tips for Dealing with Temptation

7 Tips for Dealing with Temptation

Everyone is likely to have a weak spot for some or the other temptation. It could be a temptation to spend too much on shopping, eat a lot, use excessive make up or indulge in vices. Here are a few ways in which you can deal with your temptation, no matter what it is.

1. Think about something that puts you off

A good way of dealing with temptation is to think of something which is exactly opposite in nature. This will help in putting you off from your temptation and killing it instantly. For example, if you have the urge of spending money on something unnecessary, think of what would happen one day if you had no money at all. This will put your mood off and prevent you from succumbing to your temptation of spending too much.

2. Keep yourself occupied

This is one of the most tried and tested ways to prevent a temptation from taking over you. Be armed with a host of activities that you can indulge in, to save yourself from a temptation. This will prepare you to control an urge when it comes. This method will strengthen your will power and enable you to exercise better control over your moods and emotions.

3. Remind yourself why a temptation is not good for you

Many people undermine the importance of self talk when it comes to dealing with temptations of any kind. Build a connection with your own conscience if you want to stop yourself from succumbing to a desire. For example, if you are trying to kick the butt and get tempted to smoke with a friend, remind yourself of all the ill effects that smoking has already created in your body.

4. Get someone to put you off your temptation

If your temptations are too strong, intense and overpowering, you may need to get third party intervention. Confide your indomitable urges to a close friend of a kin and give them the responsibility of helping you to deal with it. Vest them with the power of reprimanding you when they catch you giving in to your temptation.

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