How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend?

How To Break Up Graciously?

No matter what the reason, breakups are painful. Hence, confirm with yourself if you really want to end the relationship. Once you have made up your mind, don’t keep changing it. It is someone’s emotions that you are dealing with, so be careful. Relationships are very sensitive. No matter how much you may try, when you are breaking up, the opposite person ought to get hurt. It is very important that you try hard to cause the least pain possible. Here’s how you could break up graciously with your partner.

1. Do not prolong

If you are sure about what you are going to do, it is no use postponing it. Prolonging it further will lead to more emotional damage to your partner and you will also end up getting frustrated.

2. Do it in person

Put yourself in your partner’s place. How would you feel if you were dumped by someone you loved? Respect him, for he was a part of your life at one time. Skip the text messages, phone calls and the emails and speak to him face-to-face. This is the least that you could do for him.

3. Choose an appropriate place and day

When you are breaking up with someone, it is possible that it may become a scene. So make sure you do it at an appropriate place. Don’t break up with him in a place which is crowded with people. Also don’t break up with him on a special day like his birthday or Valentines day.

4. Come straight to the point

He’ll be devastated when you’ll announce the breakup. Hence, do not play with his emotions. Come straight to the point, without beating around the bush.

5. Be firm

This is very important. When you break up with your partner, he may feel devastated and resort to begging before you to come back to him. However since you have made your decision, stick to it. No matter what he says, be firm and strong.

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