13 Awesome Facts About Zen

Awesome Facts About Zen

Zen is a branch of Buddhism. Zen Buddhism is a practice of attaining enlightenment. Zen Buddhists are the followers of Gautama Buddha. There are many Zen groups in North America and Europe who follow the practice of Zen. Listed below are some awesome facts about Zen you must know.

1. Zen culture or Zen Buddhism teaches that everyone can attain enlightenment in life. The followers of Zen are taught that everyone can have a nature like Buddha.

2. The path of Zen is not simple to attain in life. That is the only reason why Zen followers have a preacher. The training of Zen is attained under the guidance of a master.

3. Zen Buddhism first started in China. It dates back to the sixth century. In China, Zen culture or Zen Buddhism is also known as Chan. Slowly it started gaining prominence in other countries as well.

4. In the 7th century, Zen Buddhism arrived in Japan; however it was not very popular then. It only became popular after the 12th century, when people started learning about Zen culture and path of attainment. Today, there are more than nine million people in Japan who follow Zen Buddhism.

5. After the 9th century, there were several schools that were started in China and Japan, which were dedicated to the Zen culture. Everything about Zen Buddhism was taught in the schools.

6. Zen influence on Japan can traces on various esthetics including poem, painting, calligraphy, flower arrangement and landscape gardening too!

7. In the U.S., Zen culture was developed after the Second World War. It was only after the war that Zen Buddhism picked up. As a result, various Zen centers were established in many parts of the U.S.

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