7 Fun Things To Do With Him

5. Dress up fun

Get clothes that you want him to wear and tell him to get clothes that he wants you to wear. This would be real fun. Now, change the clothes and see the magic. Your partner would feel wonderful to see you in a dress which he always dreamt of. And, you would also feel the same. The dress up fun can be really a cool thing to do.

6. Watch 3D movies

How about watching 3D marathon movies with him! This can be fun if you and your partner love to watch 3D movies. If you have a 3D TV, then rent some movie CDs and watch some wonderful flicks with him at home only. Or else, book a ticket to your favorite 3D movie and spend some great time with him. This can get you closer to him for sure.

7. Bike around the town

If you love to explore things in life, then simply head for a biking trip. Tell him to pick his favorite bike and get going. A ride around the town can be really fun. You would get to relive the places you have seen with him. You can create some new memories by going on a road trip. A perfect fun thing to do in summers!

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