7 Fun Things To Do With Him

7 Fun Things To Do With Him

If spending some great time with your partner gives you a high, then there are many things you can do with him. Things that would make him feel good and things that would make you smile. So, listed are some fun things to do with him. Read on to know more on this.

1. Foot massage

Relax your day with a quick foot massage. Give each other wonderful massage and pedicure. A massage can work wonders if you do it with lots of fun. A pedicure session done for your partner can also be a great thing. The idea is to do something cool with your partner, so what better way than to relax, right?

2. Movie mania

This can be a real fun thing to do. If you and your partner both are movie fanatics, then enact a famous movie scene. Just enact the scene which would suit you. Like a classic scene from a classic romantic flick. Aww! This can really be romantic. Do it with the passion to create the same essence of the scene. So, do it and enjoy his company!

3. Cook together

You can never get bored with cooking. And, if you want to have fun then involve your partner in the cooking task. You can bake a wonderful cake with him or any other dish which you like. But, when you spend that time with him, you will have fun. Little playfulness in the kitchen would surely do the trick for you.

4. Dance your heart out

Want to spend some cozy time together, then simply dance on songs that you love. Get grooving with some funky dance numbers and let your hair down with your partner. Or, if you are in a mood for romance, then dance on a romantic slow number. Just the two of you and wonderful music will surely take you to trance, so feel great.

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