Top 10 Interesting Types of Girls

Top 10 Interesting Types of Girls

Understanding women is beyond the realms of anyone’s comprehension, women included, but here is a list of 10 interesting types of girls that has been concocted after carefully observing their traits.

1. Mother Hen

She’s always there helping everyone out, making cookies for the entire class and going out of her way to help others. She has a number of friends who flock to her only in times of need and rarely has true friends. She’s good at heart but mostly a loner.

2. Ms. Fake

Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails and fake everything. She’s someone who considers herself to be a showstopper, is boastful, superficial, dumb and seldom has anything nice to say about other girls.

3. Fiercely Independent

She does all her grocery shopping, pays bills, shops alone for furniture and drags them up the stairs, alone. Such women are intelligent, confident, street smart and real. Men always fall for them but most of these independent women are wary of commitment.

4. Tomboy

Roaming around in sweatpants, backslapping and with no makeup, this is your tomboy. Guys love to have tomboys as friends because they are laid back, can burp in front of each other and are actually better than the boys at Counter Strike.

5. Petite Pretty

A real life version of the porcelain china dolls, such a girl is delicate and soft spoken. She is afraid of lizards, cockroaches, muscled men, Dracula, dogs, rats, insects, bacteria and about everything else. Guys love to take care of and pamper such girls.

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