Five Types Of Stylish Bags That Will Look Cute On You

Bags are accessories that add an edge to your look. Even though, a bag is just something that is supposed to be carried along, surprisingly, it influences the way you look to a great extent. Apart from the boring conventional bags that you generally use, there are so many others that you should try on, just to make a style statement. Check out these 5 stylish bags.

1. Wristlet


Photo Courtesy: TinyApartmentCrafts

Wristlet is a small little clutch that you can carry along, when you have to carry the least number of things. You can use a wristlet to keep essentials like cash, credit cards, basic cosmetics, pens and your mobile phone. This bag is perfect to carry along for a party. You get it in different fabrics and designs to match your attire.

2. Minaudière


Photo Courtesy: Sherry's Rose Cottage

A minaudière is richly studded with embellishments like stones, metals and lots of bling. It is small and can be easily held using your fingers. Although, you can also keep a few necessities into a minaudière, it is actually meant to enhance an outfit. It is to be carried strictly only for parties.

3. Messenger bag

Messenger bag

Photo Courtesy: slipstitch_designs

This is a small little bag with a very long strap that can be worn on the shoulder and across the body. You can keep your little things into this bag. The best part of it is, it leaves your hands free. These bags are super chic as they enhance the look of every dress, from skirts to jeans.

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