6 Iconic Ways to Wear a Scarf

6 Iconic Ways to Wear a Scarf

A scarf was conventionally used to keep off cold but there is a lot of style statement that this piece of cloth seems to make. Besides being functional, it manages to add a touch of glam and style quite successfully and hence becomes a quintessential component of your wardrobe. If you think there is only one way to wear a scarf, then you better think again. The world has moved on and invented more ways than your mind can probably think of. This fashion accessory has the mighty ability to reflect your mood, style, attitude, occasion and just about anything. Wear it in a million ways and create lasting looks with just one scarf. Add a couple and you have hundred more shades to append to your personality. Transform the way you look and bring in a touch of glam and freshness to your attire with learning these 6 iconic ways to wear a scarf.

1. French Knot

Elegant and charming, the French knot can be easily done in three steps. A French knot looks elegant on most necklines and most dresses. Try one to make heads turn. Begin by wearing the scarf around your neck’s front portion such that both ends hang at your back. Wrap your neck in front with both ends forming a loop. Loosen the loop until you are comfortable and tie one loose knot. Make a subsequent tighter knot to complete the look.

2. Half Bow

For a very chic and casual look, try the half bow. Place the scarf on your neck’s front part and wrap both ends around and bring them from the back to the front. Make adjustments so that one end is longer than the other. Next, take the shorter end and wrap it over the top part of the longer end. Pull the short end all the way up through the knot until you create a half bow. You can now pull the bow to position it either on the side or the front.

3. Layered Knot

If you are looking for a scarf that protects you from cold and matches your formal attire, you can try the layered knot. A cashmere scarf looks beautiful when done in a layered knot style. Begin by wearing the scarf on your neck with ends hanging at the back. Wrap ends and bring to the front forming a loose loop. Take one end and cross over the other to make a knot. The end hanging in the front should be adjusted to be longer than the other and use the longer end to cover the shorter one. Adjust the loop to cover the knot and make a tail in front.

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