7 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

7 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not an easy task. Although it gives you one of the most blessed gifts, it sure does wreck havoc to a woman’s body physically and emotionally. Going out of proportions for your body and your mind is something that easily happens when you are pregnant or even after delivery. There is no need to slip into something oversized and ill-fitted to cover the bulges. This is a time and perhaps the only period when you can experiment with fashionable clothes and accessories that are exclusively designed for every mom and mom-to-be.

1. Wear A-line dresses

Think A-line until your belly subsides. A-line shirts and dresses flow away from your tummy and the seam under the bust offers adequate room even as your midriff expands.

2. Cover the bulges with layers

Layers are a perfect idea to cover bulges in any part of your body and yet look fashionable and chic from every angle. They conceal the flaws and make you look stylish and trendy. Wear fitted clothes and dress up in layers to look nothing short of a yummy mummy. Choose clothes with narrow and low cut necklines or with collars to show off a narrower frame.

3. Invest in flattering undergarments

Like your second skin, undergarments have the power to make or break an outfit. They should fit and also flatter your figure. Invest in some comfortable pairs of lingerie but do not get them in huge numbers because your body will be subjected to change every month or so. But the right kind of undergarments can make you look slimmer.

4. Go for block prints

Block colors and monochromatic dressing gives the illusion of a leaner and taller appearance to your frame. They neither attract attention to any specific part of your body nor enhance your flaws. Busy prints are a terrible no to your pregnancy wardrobe. And dark monotones add the right level of oomph and make you appear slimmer.

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