5 Tips To Follow While Applying Perfume

5 Tips To Follow While Applying Perfume

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” – Coco Chanel

If a diva like Coco Chanel had such high regard for perfume, imagine how important it is for all of us to know the art of applying perfume correctly. Become a true perfume connoisseur by taking these tips on applying perfume.

Tip #1: Spray it in the air

Take this useful tip for applying perfume. Don’t keep your scent too heavy. All you have to do is to spray your perfume in the air a few times around you and then walk inside the cloud of perfume spray particles. This way, the fragrance will leave a lingering effect on your body and no one will be able to make out where it is coming from!

Tip #2: Apply moisturizer

Have you always wondered how some women manage to make their perfumes last for an entire evening without going in the rest room to re-apply their perfumes? Well, if you take this tip on applying perfumes correctly, you will be able to do the same. Simply dab a pound sized drop of moisturizer on your pulse points and spray light perfume on it. What is critical in executing this tip is that the lotion should be neutral and non-scented otherwise it will interfere with your fragrance.

Tip #3: Take a shower

We know that this tip on applying perfume correctly may not be followed by each and everyone of you because we generally use perfumes when we’re in a hurry, in order to douse out all the stench of our sweat. But that’s exactly where you’re going wrong. To apply perfume correctly and to make it last long, make sure you take a shower, neutralize your body scents and then apply your perfume. Just try this tip of applying perfume correctly and see what a world of difference it makes.

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