6 Disadvantages of Having a Tattoo

6 Disadvantages of Having a Tattoo

Getting inked is in fashion these days, and more and more people are getting tattoos on their bodies. Earlier, people used to get them on their arms or on their neck. However, these days, people get them just about anywhere on their body. Some people are so obsessed with tattoos that their whole body has different inked patterns and designs on it! However, have you ever wondered what lies beyond this fashionable trend? Getting inked is not always a good idea, and here are some reasons for you to consider not getting tattoos made on your body.

1. It’s permanent

Are you sure that ten years later, you will still like whatever you are getting inked on your body right now? There is a chance you might outgrow the design. If you are getting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name inked on your body, are you sure that person will still remain in your life years later, without making you regret your decision? Tattoos stick permanently on your body, and it is human nature to dislike some things later on in life, which we like right now. So there is no point in going for something permanent, which cannot be replaced later on, or it will only be a reminder of bad times in one’s life.

2. It makes you come across as a wannabe

Society still believes that most people, who get tattoos, are either outlaws, or rebellious people by nature. Those bound by tradition, culture and values don’t like it if their kids get a tattoo. It is still considered ‘unholy’ by some, while others consider it as a sign of you acting as a ‘wannabe’. It makes it seem as if you need an external stamp on your body to get people’s attention.

3. It’s risky

Unless you are getting it done from a really skilled person, in a really reputed parlor, tattoos are risky. Some people are allergic to the ink, while others can get an infection like hepatitis because of infected needles or equipment being used in low-cost parlors. For that matter, people have lost their eyesight while trying to get tattoos made too close to their eyes. They can also develop skin allergies and permanent marks, because of inks causing a reaction on their body.

4. You can’t donate blood

In some states, you cannot donate blood for at least one year after getting a tattoo on your body. It’s important to know what your state rules are on the same, as not all states follow the same policies.

5. It limits your choice of professions

In professions where the physical appearance of a person is very important, tattoos are not considered good. The ideal candidates in the hospitality industry, marketing, finance, media etc. are considered to be those who are presentable, good-looking, and don’t have any tattoos on their body. Getting a tattoo can ruin your career chances in these industries.

6. It’s controversial

Some religions do not support the idea of tattoos on one’s body. Moreover, depending on what design you are getting made, people around could get offended. Your entry to places of worship could be banned, and anything explicit can ruin your personal and public image.

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