Top 9 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012

Halloween is one such event that all kids are really excited about. And why not? They get to dress as their favorite characters from TV shows, movies and fairy tales! So continue reading about the best Halloween costumes for kids in 2012.

1. SmurfsReveal by Halle Berry


The movie ‘The Smurfs’ has been highly popular among kids this year. No wonder their costumes will be among the list of most popular Halloween costumes in 2011. You can dress up your little girl as a pretty Smurfette with a pretty white dress, blue pants, white smurf hat, smurf shoes, blue smurf mittens. For your boy, you can change the dress to a white T-shirt.

2. Harry PotterReveal by Halle Berry

Harry Potter

Okay, we know all of you are unhappy because you will not be able to see Harry Potter on the screen again. So why not dress up your kids as one of the Harry Potter characters at this year’s Halloween? Boys can become Harry Potter with his famed glasses, robe, hat and wand, while girls can dress up as Hermione Granger.

3. Angry BirdsReveal by Halle Berry

Angry Birds

Don’t you love those cute little Angry Birds on your screens? Now, it’s time to transform your cutie pies into one of those angry birds. You may choose the color of the costume from yellow, red or blue. You may even ask your child as to what he/she’d like to wear.

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