Five Facts To Know About Moisturizers

Five Facts To Know About Moisturizers

What do you usually throw in your purse when you step out? Your mobile phone, of course. And maybe your lip balm, cash and credit cards? There’s one important thing that you are overlooking. And it’s not just you, most women don’t seem to care about this. Come summer, come winter, come spring, you have to have a moisturizer with you – something I never forget when I step out. Don’t know enough about what’s in these little bottles? Worry not. Your skin expert is here.

1. Moisturizers contain all the necessary oils

Why do you think applying skin moisturizers give you that smooth glowing feeling? It’s because they contain a mix of all the necessary oils that your skin possibly needs. Depending on which type and brand of skin moisturizer you select, you’ll be enriched with a variety of oils. A fan of Avocado oil? Then that’s good news. You will get a rich supply of antioxidants which will fight off free radicals in the body to prevent symptoms of early aging. I also suggest you try out a moisturizer that contains Grapeseed oil. It is a great natural oil because it creates an invisible film on the skin to keep moisture locked in. I also love Shea Butter Moisturizer. It simply smells so good. You can also feel free to pick a moisturizer that has Crodamol OP. The specialty of this natural oil is that it softens skin without blocking the pores. Make it a habit to read the ingredients of the moisturizer on the back of the bottle. It’s best to read up about as many natural oils as possible and decide what suits your skin best.

2. Moisturizers prevent signs of aging

Did you know that the job of a moisturizer is not just keeping the skin smooth? Well, even I didn’t know this until my dermatologist told me so. You must have noticed – we typically start applying creams and moisturizers when we see wrinkles on our skin. But that’s not the way to go. Why not take preventive measure in the first place? Your choice of non pore clogging moisturizer should not only take care of your moisturizing needs, it should also tackle other skin issues like reducing and preventing wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and fine lines. Do you know how this happens? Moisturizers stimulate the re-growth of elastin, collagen and structural proteins that help in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. And if you’re the kind of girl who goes up and about in the sun too much, then it’s even better! Applying moisturizers will soothe red and itchy skin because of the SPF factor it contains. Want great supple baby like skin? Then I strongly suggest you start using a moisturizer ASAP!

3. Moisturizers work on any skin type

I’m already bombarded with the task of selecting cosmetics according to my skin type. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, don’t you think? Which lipstick will go with my skin tone? Should I be using a conditioner based shampoo for my oily hair or not? Will using a bronzer cause the pores of my dry skin to clog up? Forget about all this when you’re picking a moisturizer! Most moisturizers can be used for both dry and oily skin. Special ingredients in moisturizers are meant to regulate sebum – the oils produced by the skin. This will leave your skin just about perfect, not be too oily or too dry. You’re already loving the idea of moisturizers, aren’t you?

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