7 Anti-Aging Treatments To Look Younger

Go Though These 7 Procedures To Look Young

We often think about retirement as we grow older. Have you given your aging skin a thought in a similar way? No? Then ask yourself – why not? Your skin is the first place where age is bound to catch up with you. Since you can’t control that, you’d rather think about ways to look younger. Can you even digest the thought of losing your confidence, your broad smile, your slender look and your charming personality to old age? We are not going to talk about makeup tips that will make you look younger. That’s just temporary. We’ll take you through some amazing procedures that science has come up with. You think that sounds scary? Rest assured, all these procedures are considered medically safe if performed by expert practitioners. Make sure you consult your doctor before going for any such procedure.

1. Dermabrasion

Are you petrified by acne, scars, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles? Do you put that halter neck dress back into your closet every time you revisit that chicken pox mark on your shoulder? Dermabrasion has come to your rescue! If I have to explain to you in simple terms, a small abrasive brush is rotated at a high speed to remove the affected area of the skin in this procedure. Want a simpler example? Have you seen how carpenters rub sand paper over wood to give it a smooth surface? This is exactly like that. If minor skin problems are frustrating you, this procedure is a great way to go. No mess. Just flawless, younger looking skin.

2. Liposuction

Let me guess where you must have heard the term Liposuction. Has any friend of yours told you that this procedure helps in reducing weight? If that’s the impression you have, you’re in for a big shock! Liposuction is strictly not to be considered as a substitute for weight reduction, contrary to popular belief. As we age, our skin starts to become saggy and loose. Haven’t you noticed that in middle aged women? What a pity it is! Along with this, our body also collects fat at unwanted places – just to spoil it all even more. Liposuction is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted fat. But let me warn you – this is a highly intricate invasive procedure. Think about it – only if you’re mentally ready to go under the knife, you should go ahead. Wouldn’t you want to know if this procedure is suited to you or not? This procedure is not for you if you are above your ideal weight line. Only if you have controlled weight and fitness, you are eligible for Liposuction. If you’ve seen the ‘before-after’ photographs of this procedure, I’m sure you know how magical it is. You’ll be in a great slender shape after this.

3. Skin Bleaching

I always wonder how some women, especially in the middle age bracket, have spotless skin. Maybe they’ve taken a lot of care from when they were young or maybe it’s just God’s gift to them. Anyway, I don’t fall under that category. Nor do you, right? But worry not. With the skin bleaching procedure, you will no longer have to envy women with unblemished skin tones, no spots or other skin aberrations. Again, let’s look at the basics of this. You have a certain skin color because of the consistency of microscopic pigments called melanin spread over your skin. When melanin gets spread unevenly, you get varying shades on various parts of your body. Have you noticed – when you come back from the beach, your feet will carry the imprints of the straps of your flip flops. And as you must have experienced this unevenness in skin tone spreads all over the body after a certain age. This happened to me and I applied so many types of skin toners and moisturizers. What a waste of money, I tell you! If you’re in my position, I would recommend skin bleaching to bring back that smile on your face along with that spotless complexion you’ve been yearning for.

4. Facial Rejuvenation

Imagine all that you’ve seen in forty, fifty or sixty years of your life. Your marriage, pregnancy, kids’ admission, their wedding perhaps, your husband’s job change and so much more! All this begins to show on your skin. No doubt – wrinkles are an indication of wisdom that you’ve gathered over the years. But what the heck, it’s not making you look great! I suggest you consider facial rejuvenation to get rid of the fatigue that’s been sitting there. This procedure will make your skin much more supple and fresh by filling the gaps in your skin using collagen or maybe even silicone. Want to know if this procedure is invasive or not? Well, that will depend on the intensity of the rejuvenation your face needs. Some implant materials are injected below the skin while others are grafted with surgery. Your dermatologist will know best.

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