5 Things to Do If Your Husband Suffers from Depression

5 Things to Do If Your Husband Suffers from Depression

Going through depression is a difficult stage. When someone as close as your husband is suffering from depression, it becomes even more difficult. You need more courage and presence of mind to deal with the situation. As it is a challenging time for both of you, it is very important for you to stay healthy so that you can stand up for your husband. Check out 5 things to do if your husband suffers from depression.

1. Have patience

When in depression, your husband might like to spend time alone, might burst out frequently and feel disinterested in anything and everything. The key thing you need to remember here is to have patience. There is no point in yelling back or becoming stubborn during such times. Depression is a chronic illness that demands high attention and care. You need to understand that whatever he says or does is because of his illness and you should be patient towards it.

2. Get him the medical attention

Depression is a dangerous condition, so ensure you take the right step to help your husband come out of it. Look out for good therapists in your locality and get him there for proper treatment. Do not give him any responsibility during this time. He might either mess it up or would not take it up. There will be a general sense of hopelessness in him, so reluctance to go to a therapist can be expected. Also, book his appointment with the doctor if required. Do not wait for him to do so.

3. Encourage him gradually

When a person is depressed, he will be inactive. So, you should not expect him to do things that interested him earlier. Encourage him slowly to do things that he once loved, but never force. You can start by taking walks together, telling him some inspirational stories, making an effort to find things that will make him laugh or showing him pictures of his active days.

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