5 Reasons Why Curves Are Better

5 Reasons Why Curves Are Better

Curvy women are more beautiful than skinny ones any day. There is a beautiful aspect about the way a woman’s body is sculpted and that beauty lies in the curves. So, do not be bothered if you are not skinny or size 0. Flaunt your curves and feel beautiful.

1. Men like curvy women

Contrary to what women think and try to lose all their curves, men like women with curves because there is something very feminine about such women. With the right kind of diet and exercise, you can be slim and be well endowed in places that matter. A good bust line, a slender waist, flat abdomen and a generous derriere can have men eating out of your hands.

2. Being curvy does not mean being overweight

A lot of people misunderstand curviness as being obese or overweight. It does not necessarily have to be so. Curves are natural part of a woman and a curvy body is a perfect compliment to femininity.

3. You can eat all that you like

Women who have good curves can take a greater leverage in eating one of the sinful chocolate cream cakes once in a while. Those curves are a perfect camouflage for a few extra pounds gained. You can easily get rid of them with exercise if you wish to.

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