6 Disadvantages of Friends with Benefits

6 Disadvantages of Friends with Benefits

A lot! At the outset, a friend with Benefits looks like the best thing that can happen to you. Getting all the goodies without all the hard work is the stuff of dreams for everyone. But sometimes there are cracks and fissures in paradise and everything goes to hell and you are left wondering why you even wanted to have a friend with benefits to begin with. Like all relationships, having a friend with benefits comes with its own complications and there are quite a few downsides to it.

1. Falling in love.

Sometimes, it is difficult to have sex on a regular basis and not develop an emotional attachment with the other person. It could happen to you or her and when it is not reciprocated, it ends badly.

2. Losing a good friend.

One of you starts feeling more than you ought to, start acting clingy, asking for more than that was decided on. These bring unwanted tension into the dynamic. You lose a good friend in the process and that’s always a bad thing.

3. The constant need for secrecy

Especially if she is from your group of friends or your social circle. You can’t be seen kissing her publicly and friends can’t know you are doing it. It would make it weird for everyone involved.

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