How To Avoid Getting Dumped With Work?

How To Avoid Getting Dumped With Work?

Before you proceed, we suggest you read the questions mentioned below and answer with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

1. Are you among those employees who get frequently dumped with work?
2. Do you often end up doing a task that you wanted to refuse in the first place?
3. Have you said ‘No’ to a job in your mind over and over again, however it came out as a ‘Yes’ finally?
4. Are you incapable of coming up with acceptable reasons to stay clear of a job?

If you answered with a ‘Yes’ to two or more questions, then you must read this article and find easy ways to avoid getting dumped with work.

Do not rush into saying ‘yes’ to a job. Ask your boss for some time so that you can go through the job requirements and analyze your current tasks at hand. Ensure him/her that you will get back within a few minutes with the stipulated completion time and whether you can spare time for the job or not.

Reason it out with yourself first. If the reason for not doing the work cannot convince you, neither can it convince your boss.

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