8 Essentials to Have in Place Before Prom Night

8 Essentials to Have in Place Before Prom Night

Prom parties are milestones in the lives of high school students, especially for girls who treat this like a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood as they leave a phase of their life behind. Girls get so pepped up about prom nights that even months of planning in advance don’t always insure against last minute goofups. To sail through your prom night smoothly, browse through these essential items that you should keep near at hand before D-Day.

1. The corsage

The beautiful flower corsage that rests on one wrist completes the whole prom look for a girl. Preorder the kind of flower and the style of corsage you want so that the shades of the blooms match your dress. The perfect corsage makes or breaks a prom dress so choose well, more than a week in advance.

2. Total makeup kit

A day before the big night, checking and keeping the full makeup kit in place is a must. You cannot afford to run helter-skelter just an hour before the party starts for a mascara wand or that smoky shade of eye shadow.

3. Matching shoes

Amidst the whole brouhaha over having the perfect gown or dress for the prom night, many girls overlook the fact that shoes make the outfit complete, especially matching, glamorous ones. So while planning your dress, also make sure you’ve thought about the makeup, hairstyle and shoes that will go along with it.

4. Hair clips, pins and bands

What if, horror of horrors, your hair comes undone, partially or wholly, right when the main dance is about to start? Stray incidents and beauty emergencies can happen anytime and you want to look your best in the final prom picture, don’t you? So girls, keep hair clips, pins and bands handy.

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