10 Types of Men a Woman Always Comes Across

Types of Men a Woman Always Comes Across

As a woman, you will find plenty of people from the opposite gender being attracted to you at various stages in life. Whether you like it or not, you meet some uninteresting and rather weird kind of men on a daily basis. And then there are also those occasional charming men, who make you feel like a princess. Variety, after all, is the spice of life. And each woman will agree that all men (despite being the same in terms of physical needs!) have distinct qualities that make them different from each other. Here are some types of men a woman will always come across in life.

1. The Nerd

He is the one who is about all things geeky. He is either a Science student, busy trying to invent something great or trying to make the world a better place to live in, or is a heavy Arts or Literature student interested in all things History or Geography. These kinds of men are really hardworking and sincere. Even though some of them may not be really bothered about the way they dress (but they definitely know the importance of hygiene and looking presentable!), they are good at heart and always try to keep their girl happy. Just that they can’t understand mushy things, and usually need direct talking.

2. The Hunk

He is the hottie on the campus! He is also the best looking guy in your office who smells good all the time and has a unique sort of charm about him. Such guys can make girls go weak in the knees and have a great sense of style in everything that they do. While some humble ones feel shy and uncomfortable when women drool over them, there are others who are aware that they are super hot, and hence, become quite flirtatious, taking advantage of the female attention that they get.

3. The Hippie

He is the artsy guy, who doesn’t really care about the world and his surroundings. He has his own philosophies, and only few people can actually feel comfortable in chilling with him because he is not the conventional guy who likes going out for dinners or movies. Some women feel disgusted by such men, who sometimes don’t even bathe for days together, while others find them really sexy.

4. Mamma’s Boy

He’s the one who has done everything in life properly – from scoring good ranks to being the leader in all sports teams to getting the perfect job. He is the one who respects his family and will never go against his mother. Even if he likes a girl, she has to be someone who will be able to please his mother and keep her happy. Such men are cute, but can sometimes turn out to be quite suffocating with their over-perfect habits.

5. The Success Digger

He’s struggled hard to be where he is, and will keep struggling all his life to be at the top. He is a workaholic, and is essentially a good-natured man. But he forgets that life needs some relaxation too, and needs to be reminded about that every now and then. He likes women who are supportive, and take part in realizing his ambitions and dreams.

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