8 Things We Wish were Invented for Men

8 Things We Wish were Invented for Men

How great would the world be if there were inventions specially designed for men? They wouldn’t be lazy anymore, they would pitch in for things, and they certainly would understand us better! We give you a number of inventions that every woman wishes existed for her man. They would make life easier, both the guy and us!

1. The perfect body pill

Wish your man had the perfect “photoshopped” body like Ryan Gosling (in Crazy Stupid Love)? Well, in a perfect world, there would be a pill that he could take and turn into a Roman God! Yup, just what the doctor ordered!

2. The pickup line generator

How many times have you been approached by good-looking men who just ruin their chances because of a sloppy and disastrous pickup line? Imagine how your chances of being with a great guy would increase if they knew just the perfect line. We wish men had the perfect pickup line generator so that we could be saved from a world of trouble.

3. The automatic brush

We all know how men hate to get off their lazy behinds and brush their teeth every morning. And we also know how important it is to have a man who takes care of his oral hygiene. If only there was a device (just like the Jetsons had) that could brush their teeth for them.

4. The meal-maker

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the guy is holding on to you just because you are making his food for him? And how many hours do you spend in the kitchen trying to cook the perfect meal for your husband or the family? Well, the meal-maker could be a win-win answer for you and your guy. All that the guy has to do is think of what he wants and press the button and voila! We bet he won’t mind cooking for you then.

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