5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Younger Men

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Date Younger Men

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When we fall in love with someone, we don’t really care what people around us say. And when we are dating someone younger, ‘age is just a number’ to us. It’s not entirely true that every relationship where the woman is older, the man is a flop show. However, we all are smart enough to know and realize that ‘most’ such relationships fail, and for obvious reasons. If you are wondering what these reasons are, or are considering dating a younger man, here are things to think over.

1. Wavelengths don’t match

When you are the older one, you have experienced life more than your boyfriend, and have a different, mature way of looking at things. However, for him, this may be a stage of experimentation, and he may be willing to experience the process of trial and error. This can often create friction between partners, and lead to fights. The most common areas for such fights are choice of a career or job settlement, money related issues, and marriage.

2. Your habits are different

Your idea of a date might mean a cozy stay over, watching a movie at home; while he may want to try out a new restaurant, or probably take you out for paintball or clubbing. These differences in habits and tastes arise because of the difference in age, and while you may feel that you have done it all, your boyfriend may have just started to enjoy these things in life, and would want to do much more of it.

3.The question of marriage

You’ve probably reached that stage in life where you look at marriage as the next step. However, for your man, these might be the years where he wants to focus on a career, and other related things. In this case, he would want to wait a few years before settling down, while chances are that you want the marriage right this instant because you’ve waited enough. This difference in opinion is bound to create clashes and can lead to bitter and harsh confrontations.

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