4 Effects on Mind of Kids of Famous Parents Because of Publicity

 Effects on Mind of Kids of Famous Parents Because of Publicity

Life definitely cannot be easy for a celebrity offspring. Whatever their parents do will be in the news and the publicity that they get, whether good or bad is going to affect the kids as well. There are a lot of instances of celebrity kids making the news for their wild antics. They also make news for the sake of making news as they have problems dealing with their own identities and feel the pressure of following in their parent’s footsteps from a young age. It is not to say that all celebrity kids are brats or end up having miserable lives, but the fame and the publicity of their parents can definitely affect their life an growth.

1. A lot of celebrity kids have rocky relationships with their parents

There are a lot of examples of celebrity kids who have had a public spat with their parents. They always claim that their parents did not care for them enough or did anything to help their careers. Not every celebrity offspring can be as beautiful or as talented as their parents and it is difficult for these kids to understand this.

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2. The celebrity ego can be difficult to live with

Some celebrities have massive egos and this does not exclude the immediate family either. The celebrities are so used to being looked upon and treated special that they expect the same from their kids thereby destroying any sense of normalcy in the household.

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