Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is round the corner and it is all set to give you another reason to celebrate. Every festival has a history, a significance behind it. But Thanksgiving doesn’t have one, but here are 5 reasons to celebrate it. Read on to know what these reasons are and why you should celebrate Thanksgiving.

1. For spending time with your family

In this fast-paced world, you might leave behind your family or find it hard to spend some quality time with them. But Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to be with your loved ones.

2. For the harvest

The earliest documentation of Thanksgiving has been in Plymouth, near present day Massachusetts. It was called a harvest feast for a successful harvest season. The present day Thanksgiving has its origins in this event.

3. For maintaining unity

President Abraham Lincoln was the first one to officially make Thanksgiving an annual US tradition and give it the status of a national holiday. Don’t you think you should respect his decision and celebrate Thanksgiving, just as the rest of the country does?

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